Thursday, January 8, 2015

Salesforce Admin Journal: Simple Sidebar Feedback Form Using JotForm

Hello my fellow Salesforce admins!

I'm working on rolling out a few changes to our Salesforce org and want to make sure that users can offer feedback as painlessly and conveniently as possible. They shouldn't have to switch tabs or compose a new email, or input any other information aside from their comment.

Ideally, a 'Comment' box and 'Submit' button could dwell right there in the sidebar itself. But, after some googling and brainstorming, I wasn't quite sure how to implement a solution that simplistic.

Instead, I found a workaround for the next best thing: a link to a popup form (created with Jotform, one of my favorite tools) that pulls in the user's email address from the url.

Here's how it turned out:

Designing my super simple form in Jotform. 

I customized the thank you page.

I created my url - passing the current user's email into a field on my form, per this tutorial.

The finished link

The form pops up.
The email notification that I receive when a user submits a comment with the form.

All things considered, I'm content with this simple solution. It might not be the most elegant, but it's easy for users to use and easy for me to maintain/customize.

Win win.


  1. This is great! I can't get the user email to show. Using this:{!User.Email}

    1. Hi Rick,

      When you click on the link, do you see the username being pulled directly into the url in your browser window then? (like this: and it's just not displaying in Jotform? or is it not even passing it at that point? That will help to determine if there's something wrong with your url formatting in Salesforce? or an issue with the JotForm setup.

  2. Hello. How can I get the user email to appear on the form? Thanks