Tuesday, June 10, 2014

After Installing the ScreenSteps Sidebar Search Widget for Salesforce...

I've been using ScreenSteps for internal documentation for a few years now. The software is a great solution when it comes to serving up educational resources to my Salesforce users.

As part of my ongoing mission to improve the experience for new and existing users, I discovered that I had apparently missed the easy-to-install and super useful sidebar widget that ScreenSteps has made available.

I installed it yesterday evening and... I love it.

I had been using a custom tab that displayed our ScreenSteps manual, but it wasn't convenient enough for most of my users... and I often had to remind them to add it if they had customized their visible tabs.

This sidebar search widget is a big improvement for my org!

Next I plan to implement contextual help.

By adding these features, I'm laying the groundwork for the improvements that I'm working on defining for our documentation. This is something I'm still struggling with because it feels so overwhelming, but I'm thankful to ScreenSteps for all of the great resources they have made available! (Check out and subscribe to the ScreenSteps' Salesforce Adoption Blog if you haven't already.)

Now, it might seem a bit backward to add a widget before completing the changes to our documentation... but I think this is just what I needed to get me excited about all the work involved in defining new processes and establishing workflows.

PS - ScreenSteps didn't ask me to write this post. I'm just a happy customer.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tip: How to Fire an Updated Trigger on Existing Salesforce Records

Hey Salesforce Admins,

Here's a tip to help you if you've got a recently updated or newly created trigger (or workflow rule) that you want to fire on existing records.

Create a custom 'Admin Filter' text field on the object that you are running the trigger on. You don't need to add it to any page layouts or make it visible to users. (I chose this method because I didn't want to update any existing fields that are already in use in order to force the trigger to fire.)

Then, use the Data Loader (or Mass Update Anything) to update that field on all of your records.

Ta-da! The update will fire the trigger on all records that match whatever criteria you've specified.

Now, I'm off to do this in my own org.

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