Friday, December 17, 2010

The New User (without) Experience – Jumping Into Salesforce - Admin Journal

Introducing a new feature: Admin Journal, where I share my thoughts and experiences as a Salesforce Administrator of an org with around 45 users. As always, the opinions that I express are my own, not that of my employer.



As you might know, I’m the Administrator for a Salesforce org. And I just experienced something that knocked my socks off.

Last week, I was notified to add a new user for a recent hire. We attempted to set up a time for me to train him but hadn’t yet decided on a date.

He emailed me this morning to let me know that he had created his first opportunity.

I was nervous. He hadn’t received any training with Salesforce. All my explanations of lookups and naming conventions and related lists ran through my head.

Then I viewed the opportunity he created.

I paused.

I decided to write a blog post when I realized 140 characters wasn’t enough to express my thoughts.

It was one of the most beautiful records I’ve seen. Complete. Related information added. No glaring spelling errors.


Perhaps it’s the enthusiasm that comes along with starting a new job. I’m hoping it’s more… perhaps an inherent love of data quality. Ah, an admin’s dream: users that love data too.

This also speaks to the ease of use of the Salesforce platform. Even someone with no prior experience can get started using it right away.

So, thanks Salesforce for being awesome.

And thanks new user for totally making my day.


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