Thursday, January 31, 2013

KeyRocket: A Handy Chrome Extension for Gmail Newbies

KeyRocket for Gmail is a Chrome extension that can start you off on the road to being a Gmail power user.

Gmail supports quite a few keyboard shortcuts that help you navigate without moving your hand to your mouse. Although I've been an enthusiastic Gmail user and keyboard shortcut aficionado for years, I still find myself clicking on occasion because I forget about them. (I'm not talking about the 'c', 'r' or '#' shortcuts. Those have become second nature.)

This extension pops up unobtrusive tips right after you click to accomplish rather than using a keyboard shortcut (if a keyboard shortcut exists for that particular function).

For example, when I click on 'Inbox' to go back to my inbox, it pops up the keyboard shortcut for that function in the lower right hand corner. It disappears in a few seconds and it's well out of the way (so it doesn't bother me at all like many app popups do).

If you are a new Gmail user or just looking to brush up on your productivity, give KeyRocket for Gmail a try. It's easy to disable when you find that you don't need the help anymore.

Do you have any Chrome extensions for Gmail or any other Google Apps that help you to be more productive? I'd love to hear about them in the comments.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How I Changed My Attitude Toward Internal Tech Support

In the past, I've been inclined to have an 'it'll be quicker if I do it' attitude when it comes to providing tech support.
An important point to keep in mind if you're going to educate vs. enable is this: It's probably not going to save you time right now. You've got to think long term.
I recently realized that I was training my coworkers to be dependent on me. I decided I'd much rather educate than enable.

My new perspective:
  • I want to be prompt, polite and helpful.
  • I want the person I'm helping to be able to remember what I showed them.
  • In-person sessions can be useful but often forgettable and not everyone has the time.

With those points in mind, I've been putting a few handy apps and practices to good use to help me educate more and enable less.

Continue reading to find out why it doesn't always work, the name of my favorite app and how the magic actually happens.

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