Friday, January 28, 2011

Just for kicks: Gmail Conversation View

I’ve heard from some Outlook holdouts that they just can’t give up Conversation View and switch to Gmail.

I decided to turn off Conversation View in Gmail.

My inbox normally looks like this:


When I turned Conversation View off, it looked like this:


Really? People prefer this? Ick. I had to turn it back.


  1. How is that easier?!?

    I'm frustrated that my company still uses Outlook & I can't get a conversation view. :-[

  2. Motorola did a study when they rolled out Google Apps ... Conversation view reduces Inbox size by ~40%

    Pretty cool!

  3. Rebecca: Outlook (depending on your version) has a grouping by subject which replicates Conversation View. Tried it?

    @JoeTierey: ooh. I like that stat. I can't even look at the normal view without feeling a bit creeped out.