Monday, September 21, 2015

Cleaning Up Extensions in Chrome with Context

I've been testing out some useful extensions for Chrome and in doing so, effectively cluttered up my browser.

When I did some googling about how to organize extensions, I found an article about Context, an extension that lets you group other extensions by context (aptly named!), such as 'Work', 'Online Shopping', etc.

You can choose which extensions will always be available, and which should only be shown when the context you've added them to is active.

Before customizing Context:

How it looks now:

Big improvement!

Here are the contexts that I'm starting off with:

I like that this gives me the freedom to continue comparing extensions but keeps my browser looking clean. It also frees up memory according to the article.

You can check out the Context extension for Chrome here.

How do you keep your browser organized? Tell me in the comments!

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