Monday, July 2, 2012

Gmail/Chat Chrome Extensions to Enable

I'm constantly on the lookout for Chrome extensions that can boost my efficiency and expand functionality of tools that I use everyday, like Gmail.

Lately, I've noticed that the tab new message counter  in Chrome doesn't update immediately (it shows a new message long after I've read it). And it bugs me. I found myself checking it even more often because I wasn't sure if there was something I needed to reply to or not.

I've been looking for an extension that will allow me to see new messages (I know, I know... there's benefit to only checking them once every # hours, but I just can't bring myself to do that yet) but not have to constantly jump to my inbox.

I can't leave my inbox entirely because I need to be logged into Google Chat (which we use as a sort of in/out board where I work).

But, I think I've stumbled upon a rather handy combination of Chrome extensions that addresses the email notifications and chat integration.

  • Checker Plus for Gmail
    I can enable an audio notification (Pavlovian response anyone?) or just the visual one. I can also reply from the popup window.
  • Chat for Google
    It can run in the system tray or I can launch by clicking on the extension icon. I get popup notifications of new chats even when I don't have Gmail open.
Both of these extensions support Google Apps.

If you're using Google Apps and want to receive email notifications or be easily available via Chat, I recommend checking these extensions out.

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