Thursday, December 17, 2015

Experiment: Drafting a Blog Post with Voice Typing in Google Docs

I often use voice typing on my phone when I want to take note of something while I'm out and about.

I’ve found that it's pretty accurate! And, it’s often easier than typing a lengthy idea or text message. Sometimes I have to go back and correct punctuation or wording, but that takes less time than typing all manually.
I recently watched a video from Google for Work about using voice typing in Google Docs. As an experiment I decided to give it a try in a very practical way - composing this blog post.

Here's a video demonstration of this experiment - complete with a few giggles. (Apparently, when I say 'new line' twice, it correctly puts in a line break the first time, but then types 'new line' literally the second time. This is insignificant, since I'm going to manually modify the content anyway to clean it up. But, it made me laugh.)

I can imagine using this for future blog posts, drafting chapters for the science fiction novel I'm working on or transcribing quotes from videos I'm watching, as shown in the video from Google for Work.

Have you tried using voice typing in Google Docs yet? If you have, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

PS - I've had a lot of ideas recently for brief video tutorials. So, I've created a Rather Geeky YouTube channel where I'll be posting content in the future. Subscribe if you'd like!

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