Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to BASICS: A Paper Notebook for Modern Life

I rely heavily on digital tools for keeping my life organized. Google Calendar reminds me of plans with friends, alerts me to life goal benchmarks that I've set up and prompts me to pay my bills in a timely fashion.

When expressing the benefits of using a digital calendar to family and friends, I've summarized the benefits this way: "It frees up space in my brain." Space that I can allocate to learning new things and seeking creative inspiration.

But sometimes I wonder if allowing digital tools to remember things for me has actually hampered my memory. I find myself wistfully recalling the paper calendar I used to carry with me everywhere, full of ideas for stories, quotes from friends and half-written poems. I used to flip through the pages, comforted by my lists of tasks and highlighted reminders. No battery required.

With those thoughts in mind, my interest in the blend of digital and paper organization was piqued by a new campaign on Kickstarter from BASICS: the BASICS Notebook.

  • Six month planner
  • Week planner
  • Lined paper
  • Blank pages
  • Goal tracking
  • Checklists
  • Whiteboard paper (a feature I love about my Wipebook!)
  • Pen holder
  • Elastic bands (for holding both sides open and bookmarking)
  • Side pocket

I like that it includes planners, but they aren't date specific. I don't like being tied down to specific start and end dates. The dual elastic bands are a great idea too, especially for jotting down ideas outside. And of course the whiteboard paper - such a great idea!

While I still love my digital calendar, there's something very appealing about this notebook. I can imagine incorporating it quite easily into my existing primarily-digital workflow.

The Kickstarter campaign was funded within 12 hours after launch! But, there's still time to become a backer. The campaign ends August 29th.

You can also download a PDF copy of their weekly/monthly sheets here.

PS - A representative from BASICS contacted me to after noting my interest in Wipebook. The thoughts expressed here are entirely my own, and I haven't been compensated in any way. Not that, for future reference, I'm opposed to being compensated for sharing my honest opinion about tech tools! :)

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