Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sculpting a Plan to Improve Salesforce User Onboarding with the Help of ScreenSteps

Recently, I've mentioned being inspired by ScreenSteps' posts about improving live user training and documentation.

They have a great series geared toward Salesforce Admins.

Through those posts, I've realized that I haven't always been providing my users exactly what they need to be productive from day 1.

I've been using my Wipebook to jot down some ideas.

I mean, I've done training sessions and prepared tutorials... but are they really useful? Is the 90-minute recorded introduction that I send to new users giving them what they need to take action? I doubt it.

I want to improve our onboarding process and contribute to a culture of continual learning and excitement about technology at my company.

With some help from Jonathan of ScreenSteps, I'm developing a plan to help me accomplish that.

Changes are coming.

PS - If you are a Salesforce Admin and haven't signed up for their training tips via email, I totally recommend it. You can sign up here.

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