Monday, December 23, 2013

Wipebook: The Reusable Notebook I've Been Seeking

Last year, when I started using Evernote more purposefully, I thought that a reusable notebook would be a great idea.

While I love using digital tools, I still find myself missing the experience of jotting down notes or brainstorming on paper. I wanted to combine writing notes on paper with the digital storage of Evernote, in a way that reduced waste.

I don't currently own a tablet (so I can't take advantage of Penultimate, which is only for iPad anyway) and the idea of taking paper notes and then scanning them later seemed like it would be a waste of effort and resources.

I tried making my own reusable notebook by laminating plain white paper and writing with whiteboard markers. But, my method doesn't allow for precise writing, the side of my hand often rubs off what I've written and it's rather messy to clean off the sheets.

Enter the solution I've been seeking: Wipeboard!

I misspelled reusable. Too bad there's no autocorrect IRL. (Using my DIY reusable paper here.)

I originally discovered Wipeboard on Lifehacker, and pinned it on Pinterest for future reference. But, when I went back today to learn more, I discovered that I missed out on their Kickstarter by a few hours. Argh!

I'm looking forward to when their product is available for purchase. But until then, I'll probably just watch the demo videos over and over.

Note: I haven't been compensated by anyone for this post. I just love the concept.

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