Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 Ways to Quickly Jump to a FogBugz Case in Your Browser

In the past, when I wanted to view a particular FogBugz case and knew the number, I had to navigate to FogBugz and then search for the case #.

But, I just stumbled upon a Chrome extension that will let me jump to a case directly from the address bar (aka: omnibox). And then I thought "I'll bet there's a way to automate this with TextExpander", my favorite text expansion tool.

So, here are the 2 methods I came up with to quickly jump to a FogBugz case from the omnibox.

Method 1: FB Case Jump Chrome Extension

This extension lets you type FB then tab (or space) then the case number in the omni bar to jump directly to the case.


Method 2: Use TextExpander

TextExpander lets you insert text using an abbreviation. eg: If I type 'lmk', it will expand to 'let me know'.

In this case, I'm using it to expand the url for my case, then put my cursor at the end of the url and let me type in the number.

Note: You could use fb as your shortcut, but I'm using s.cs because I'm testing out both methods and using FB would trigger the Chrome extension from Method 1.



In Review

Each of these solutions takes about the same amount of effort. It involves typing an abbreviation and then a case number.

If you're a lover of keyboard shortcuts like me, being able to jump to a specific case without ever picking up the mouse should be appealing.

So, to review the difference, here's a comparison of my then/now process.

  1. Open new tab. (CMD/CTRL + T)
  2. Click on FogBugz bookmark.
  3. Type case number in search box. 
  4. Press enter.

Now - Method 1:

  1. Open new tab. (CMD/CTRL + T)
  2. Type FB.
  3. Press space.
  4. Type case #.
  5. Press enter.

Now - Method 2:
  1. Open new tab. (CMD/TRL + T)
  2. Type FB (or whatever shortcut you're using)
  3. Type case number.
  4. Press enter.

Using one of these new methods takes less time because I never have to lift my hands off the keyboard. That's always a win for me!

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