Tuesday, June 25, 2013

High Five! App for Salesfore from Red Argyle - You Need These Fields and Reports

In today's AppExchange Digest email from Salesforce, I spotted an app that looked interesting.

It's High Five! from Red Argyle.

This free app installs 5 fields that help analyze Account activity through Opportunities, along with 4 reports such as 'Repeat Customers' and 'Neglected Accounts'.

Take a look on their app page on the AppExchange to learn more!

I wish I would have known about it when we first started using Salesforce. So, I decided to share for any new admins that might find it interesting.

Disclosure: I wrote this post without any prompting from Red Argyle. I happen to know a few of the awesome guys that work there and felt like sharing something that they have created to benefit the Salesforce community.

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