Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Falling in Love with MightyText

I've been using Google Voice primarily for texting from my computer for several years.
If you use an Android device and want to text from your computer, MightyText is a great option.

What I Don't Like About Google Voice:

  • I often receive 'who is this?' texts because people don't have both numbers stored in their phone.
  • Messages don't sync well with my phone and conversations aren't always in chronological order.
  • On my Samsung Galaxy S3, it's hard to tell which number the person is receiving the messages from because they all appear in the standard messaging app.
  • Texts I send to the same person in a single conversation may appear in separate threads because I alternate between texting from Google Voice and my cell phone.

All in all, it makes for a rather confusing thread to follow. But, because I love the convenience of texting from my computer, I've stuck with Google Voice for this purpose for several years.

Recently though, I discovered a better option: MightyText.

MightyText is an app that lets you text from your computer using your own phone number. There is also a Chrome extension that allows texting right from your gmail inbox, in a similar format to Hangout Chat (formerly Google Talk).

 What I Like About MightyText:

  • Syncing to my phone is almost immediate. 
  • Recipients have no idea that I'm texting from my computer vs. my phone.
  • I can pick up the conversation on my phone with no missing texts in the thread.
  • In contrast to online texting options my service provider offers, my contacts are automatically synced from my phone. (After all, what's the point of texting from your computer if you have to manually type all the numbers?!)
  • It has a nice UI, with several ways to view messages (including one reminiscent of a Pinterest board that lets me manage multiple conversations at once).

Are you interested in trying MightyText?
Install their Chrome app or just go to for instructions on how to use it with your Android device (phone or tablet).

Disclosure: I'm not being compensated by MightyText, nor was I asked to write this post by them. I'm just a happy user and wanted to share my experience.

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  1. I have used it form months now, and love it.. its a great app...

  2. It's awesome! I'm on my computer working all day and it pops up the chat box and it's much easier to text with!

  3. I have a GS3 as well, my Google texts don't go into my phone's SMS inbox, they go into their own Google Voice App inbox (downloaded from the Play Store) and I get notification there is a new text from this app, be sure to UNCHECK the box in your Google Voice Settings under the Phones tab: "receive text messages on this phone". Your 3rd bullet point needs clarification that you don't have it setup the same way as others, it's not Google Voice's restricted settings that it is this way, you can change it if you want to. BTW, I've been using MightyText for my phone carrier's SMS since they made an app for it and LOVE IT!!

    1. Hi Anyonymous. I'm aware that I can see the messages in the Google Voice app. But, I want to have all of my messages in one place, no matter where I send them from. And, I want to have just one phone number for my contacts to have to associate with me.

      I noticed that even if I'm sending from the SMS inbox, sometimes my messages will go out from my Google Voice # and sometimes from my phone #... which is kind of weird.

      Thanks for the info though!

  4. I still use Google Voice for the calling, as I can call directly from my computer, and receive calls on several numbers (work, cell, etc.) at once so I don't miss calls, but I LOVE Mighty Text for texting. I am in total agreement regarding "What I like about Mighty Text"! The "Power View" is great, and I now can post pics I take on my phone to the web, w/o having to connect my phone to computer.

    1. Hmm. I can't call directly from Google Voice. I can call from Google Talk (or used to be able to before I opted into the new Hangout functionality).

      Being able to send/view pics is another awesome thing I forgot to mention about MIghtyText. Thanks for reminding me! I was always frustrated that I couldn't receive MMS w/ Google Voice. Several times, friends would ask 'hey, did you ever get that picture I sent?'. Nope.

  5. The Chrome extension is also very handy.

  6. I also prefer MT, and have for over a year. GV is good for driving mode. I particularly like that my texts are on my computer, even if I am away - sort of a "text voice mail" function.

    Note to self... Lock the computer or avoid any embarrassing conversations!


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