Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How I Use TextExpander to Link to a FogBugz Case in Gmail with 0 Clicks

Here's an easy way to use TextExpander to insert a link to a FogBugz case... with 0 clicks.

You heard me. 0. Nada. None.


I was tired of copying a FogBugz case url manually and pasting it as a link when emailing coworkers. So, I came up with a shortcut.

I knew that case links were formatted consistently like this:

Here's how: 

I created a snippet in TextExpander to pass all of the url except the case number and prompt me for it. I gave it a shortcut of 'casel' for 'case link'.

In Gmail, I know that the shortcut to insert a link is CMD (Mac) CTRL (Windows) + k.

So, when I've highlighted text to link, here are my keystrokes.
  1. [CMD] + [k]
  2. casel
  3. case #, eg: 3158
  4. [enter]
  5. [enter]
  6. Done!

No clicks! Just typing and a few [enter]s. After a few times, I swear that my muscle memory kicks in and this process takes just about a second. Woo hoo!


  • If I wanted to speed this up even more, I could change my shortcut for this snippet to something even shorter than 'casel'. 
  • I also avoid clicks by highlighting text with my keyboard (for Mac, [shift] + [option] + arrow keys to highlight words).
  • You can use any text expansion software that prompts you with a prompt/fill-in field to accomplish this.

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