Thursday, September 6, 2012

I really like my Samsung Galaxy S III, but....

So, few weeks ago, I dunked my iPhone 3GS in a lake, attempted to dry it out in a container of rice and ended up with a non-working home key and dead backlight.


But, I viewed it as an opportunity to check out the Android options out there. I've always been intrigued by the Android OS - mainly because of the Google Apps integrations (no third party apps required) and the ability to use widgets to get quick glimpses of what's important (eg: an embedded list of my upcoming calendar events).

So, I stopped by and tested out the Samsung Galaxy S III, which I'd heard was supposed to be a competitor for the iPhone 5. I spent some time thinking about it and doing research, then I stopped by again and bought the thing.

After several weeks of use, I really like the phone. The touchscreen is snappy. The camera is great. I've installed a few apps that allow me to customize what my phone does and when (eg: connect to wifi when I arrive home) and the swipe-to-type functionality is pretty gosh darn handy. All of the apps that I rely on were either available on Android or I found good alternatives.

But, there is one apparent glitch that is starting to drive me crazy.

It is this: When I turn wifi off (or go somewhere where wifi is not available), many apps don't seem to automatically switch to using the data connection. Navigation won't work. Facebook gives me a 'not connected' message. Instagram fails when I try to post photos.

Now, all is not lost. If I restart my phone, it usually 'fixes itself.' But, trying to do that when I'm en route to a destination and needing directions or trying to post a location-tagged Instagram photo is pretty lame.

It's gotten so bad, that I've just asked my hubby (or other iPhone using passengers) to look up directions or google something for me.

I'm pretty sure I still have a week or so to decide if I want to keep the phone or upgrade to an iPhone (thanks AT&T). And I must admit, this issue has me waffling.

Jenna Baze is a rather geeky girl with average social skills and an affinity for: Google Apps,, Pinterest, natural light photography and finding creative ways to avoid doing dishes (which includes updating a handful of blogs).
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  1. That iPhone has been through a lot. I remember the time you found out that your tongue works not only to clean off the screen, but as a way to move around content on the screen. I hope you get the help you need from AT&T.

  2. HAHAHA! Thank you for reminding me of that, Jeff! :D That phone has indeed been through quite a bit. I neglected to mention that it did a foam/mud 5k with me this summer (in a plastic bag... and it totally made it through). Unfortunately my 'phone in a bag' plan wasn't solid for that lake trip. Argh.

  3. I use Google services in my personal life and LOVE the Android platform, but I hate that there isn't a unified release schedule for all devices much like iOS. Plus, my Salesforce users are all on iPhones through my company which means that I need an iPhone to help troubleshoot and train on mobile apps and so on. Good luck making your decision. I have found that once Andorid is in your blood, one realizes that the iOS platform could be better...

  4. Hi Jenna, it's not right that the applications don't switch over automagically, they should. However, rather than doing a power cycle, they actually made an app on the Android Market called reset connections. This essentially cycles all active networking connections, think Airplane mode, then back again. It tends to clear up any wifi issues and/or other issues that are going on.

    1. Barry! You are awesome! Thank you, I will try this out!

    2. I found one called 'Restart Connections.' I think that's probably what you're referring to. I'm going to give it a try!

  5. Hi Jenna,

    I know this is only 3 months late, but I couldn't help looking over this article as I have the same phone (Galaxy S III) and have been with Android since owning a smartphone (I'm a mobile technology geek haha).

    That is a strange problem because mine automatically switches over to mobile data (I have sprint) if I turn wifi off. There's a list of shortcut menus on the drop down notification bar and I always keep my mobile data option on. If I'm at home, I will also turn wifi on, but if I go out and turn wifi off, the mobile data will automatically kick in.

    I'm sure you've either found the solution to this problem by now or have switched back to the iPhone, but if you have any problems or questions with Android devices, I'm always curious to know as I have not had problems. Cool to see you not only have a professional photography website, but also a site about google and other technologies!


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