Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Preventing Duplicates with @Ringlead's Unique Entry Tool

Duplicates - they seem to be a natural part of life in any database. But, I'll do pretty much anything I can to prevent them. Data quality rules... naming conventions...

If you're a Salesforce admin like me, this is likely part of your daily life: cleaning and merging, contacting users to fix their records, running data quality reports.

But, I've found a tool that should not only improve the user experience but make my life easier as well. It's Ringlead's Unique Entry app.

Ringlead graciously let me install Unique Entry in my production org before it was officially released. I'm excited about the potential.

The challenge I find with duplicate prevention tools is that some of them are so... forceful. They stop the user from entering more information when a potential duplicate is identified. I've avoided those kinds of tools in the past because I know that my users could find it frustrating. I never want to put up a roadblock that could foster an 'I'm not entering it in Salesforce because that's a hassle!' attitude.

But Unique Entry is more flexible. It shows the user a message that they might be entering a duplicate and gives them a link to view the existing record. But it doesn't force them to stop creating the record. I like that. And I think my users will be more comfortable with it.

I also appreciate that, in contrast with many apps I've installed from the AppExchange, it doesn't include a custom tab. (We're reaching the limit on our tabs and I find that many app tabs go unused anyway.)

Here's a little more information about the app:

  • It can be used on the Account, Contact and Lead objects.
  • It is easy to configure - you just override your 'New' button to use the appropriate visualforce page in the package. That's it!
  • It retains your custom fields on the page layout.
Here's what it looks like - to configure and in action:

So, if you're looking for a tool that will allow a 'soft' duplicate warning and is extremely easy to set up, contact the folks at Ringlead. (They're nice.)

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