Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Be Personable… to a Point (re: Using Facebook if You’re a Business)

I’m all for being personable on your business Facebook page.

In fact, I love interacting as a consumer with businesses on Facebook that are prompt and helpful, in addition to coming across in a friendly manner.

But, this (see below) is ridiculous.


I don’t follow your business page because I want to hear about your pets… or the food that you’re eating, or your medical problems. I follow you because I’m interested in your… uh… business.

If you are a photographer, I want to see photos, updates on sessions, insight into how you run your business. Keep your cat vomit stories to your personal profile please.

You may disagree. If you do, tell me why by leaving a comment. I’m interested.


Side note: I didn’t get my panties in a bunch because of this single post. I’m constantly wading through my feed – seeing updates from ‘businesses’ on Facebook that have nothing to do with their business. Call me crazy, but I don’t think it should work that way. And that’s my opinion as a consumer and as a page admin representing several businesses.

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