Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Test Driving Clarify from @ScreenSteps. Awesomeness.

Recently, I shared my excitement about Clarify (currently in beta for Mac), a tool for creating and sharing step-by-step tutorials that are based on screen captures.

I took it for a test drive today.

I'm impressed.

Like, really.

I used it to create a tutorial to explain to a friend why she shouldn't create a brand new Facebook account just to share things with her family members. I explained in a few steps how you filter specific posts so they are visible to certain people.

Take a look here.

So far, my favorite thing about Clarify is that it starts with screen captures (rather than text-based steps and then adding screen captures later). It saved me a lot of time that I would normally spend toggling back and forth to grab a screen capture and then write my step details and back again.

Anyway, I'm excited about where this is going.

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