Monday, August 29, 2011

San Fran: Pre-Dreamforce, Day 1, in brief

I’m too exhausted to post much today but I’ll share some highlights so I can dive into them more later.

  • Took a course with a few other Salesforce MVPs - “Intro to Object Oriented Programming for Non-Developers.” It crammed a normally-5-day course into one day. Eek.
  • Did a scavenger hunt (involving some equally awesome and embarrassing moments) as part of a team building exercise for the MVPs, organized by Erica Kuhl.
  • Hung out with great people – a few familiar faces and some new ones too.

The community conference is tomorrow (more on that coming soon) and then the official Dreamforce conference follows. There is always so much to cram into such a short time, but we make memories here that last all year!

Note: I’ve still got quite a few geeky girl and guy pins available. Find me tomorrow to claim yours!

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