Friday, August 5, 2011

My Experience at Dreamforce 2010 (24 Days Until #DF11) @Salesforce

It’s 24 days until Dreamforce 2011 and I just realized that I never posted my review of 2010… actually, I never even finished writing it. I’m hoping to have a more detailed post for the next conference!

I attended Dreamforce 2010 (the annual Salesforce conference) in San Francisco last fall. Though it was the second year that I attended, it was the first time I was actually involved (albeit in a small way). I participated in the Community Conference, talking about contributing to the IdeaExchange.

I was also interviewed as part of a roundtable about the community, along with Brad Gross, Garry Polmateer and Jeff Grosse by the lovely Karin Versace.

I was surprised (and totally psyched) to be included in the inaugural class of Salesforce MVPs along with Brandy Colmer, Matt Brown, Rebecca Dente, Tal Frankfurt, Mike Gerholdt, Andres Gluecksmann, Jeff Grosse, Steve Molis, Mark Passovoy, Gary Polmateer, Rhonda Ross, John Seabury, Alex Sutherland, Tom Fox, Mattias Nordin, Leyna Hoffer and Brad Gross. (See members of the Spring and Summer ‘11 classes here.)

Every time I think about Dreamforce, I am reminded of how great it is to be part of the community, on Twitter, Chatter and locally. Salesforce is really in tune with what’s happening in the community and, most importantly, listens. I’m a fan. :)

Much of this would not be possible without the support and encouragement of my boss, Antonio Montoya.

Here are my video highlights:

Photos courtesy of Antonio Montoya (flickr: mon*ari).

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