Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Letter to Juno: My Nana is Dead. Stop Charging Her.

Shame on you Juno. Shame on you for continuing to charge my dead Nana.

The other day, I was helping my mom type something up on the computer that we inherited from my Nana. She died a few months ago and we have slowly been picking up the pieces and getting through the grief.

As I showed my mom how to align her text, she mentioned that, despite several efforts of my family members to close down my Nana’s paid Juno account, the company was still charging her.

I couldn’t believe it.

First of all, I didn’t realize that people had to pay for Juno. Exactly what sort of ‘additional features’ are included in their premium plan. I decided to check out what $14.95/month gets you:


  • I think it’s rather likely that my Nana was already paying for internet service, so it’s nice to know that she was doubly covered for ‘Fastest Dial-Up Surfing You Can Get’.
  • Unlimited Access: What does that even mean? Unlimited access to The Internet? Uh, I didn’t realize you had to pay for that.
  • Spam and Email Virus Protection: Hey, did you know Gmail does that for free?
  • No Credit Card Required: Well, thank goodness that you’re willing to find alternative ways of taking peoples’ money for technology that should have been left behind in the 20th century.

Regardless of the ‘services’ provided, shame on you Juno. Shame on you for continuing to charge my dead Nana.

If a Juno representative happens to stumble upon this post, you can reach me via email at

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  1. I just posted a tweet about this. I hope some intern at Juno prints out the tweets in LARGE TYPE on bond paper so that management over there can read it.


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