Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awesome @Dreamforce Session Calendar Import Tool from Mavens Consulting

After finalizing my schedule for Dreamforce, I recalled a tweet from @BotosCloud about a neat tool that his company (Mavens Consulting) had put together.

In the Dreamforce app, you click on "My Calendar", then "Email My Calendar." Then forward the email you receive to You'll receive back an email with an attachment that you can import and add to your calendar.

This is a great way to provide an integration that works for those of us that no longer use Outlook. (Yay for Google Apps!)

Also, I love that I'm now able to see all of my sessions and I can add my own meetings (like with my boss or evening events), which isn't possible with the Dreamforce app Calendar (yet - although I have suggested it. Maybe next year).

Thanks for sharing a neat solution guys!

Now my calendar looks like this:
My Google Calendar (screenshot)

Note: it appears that their website is currently down for maintenance, so I viewed a cached copy of the original link by going to Google, searching for the url and then clicking on 'cached.'

Http mavens force com dreamforce  Google Search 1

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  1. Thanks for blogging about Matthew Botos's nifty service for freeing your Dreamforce calendar from its' cage and getting it out to Google Calendar!

    Just wanted to let you know that the Mavens site was just down temporarily while we launched a really #awesome redesign, so you can go back to the original URL for instructions on exporting your Dreamforce calendar:

    See you at #DF11!!


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