Monday, July 18, 2011

A Simple @FogBugz Trick That Keeps My Coworkers In The Loop (Yay for New Functionality!)

I must not have read FogBugz’ latest release notes because somehow I missed out on something #awesome.

They’ve added a ‘Notify More Users’ field that lets you input a comma separated list of users. When you save the case, they receive an email notification with the details.



In my mind, this fits right between the Email and ‘Assign to’ functionality. There are some instances where I don’t want to compose a new email related to the case just to say ‘heads up’ and I don’t want to change the case assignment either.

Are there any other non-FogBugz employees out there blogging tips and tricks? I’d love to see what you are sharing! Please leave a comment with your blog url.


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