Friday, July 29, 2011

#JavaScript Hack: Compose a New #Gmail Message with a Link to a #Salesforce Record

Today, I made tracks in putting an end to something that has irritated me for 3+ years. It’s a good day.

The Problem

Daily, I get emails like this: “Can you look at Opportunity 123? Something is wrong with it.”

After banging my head against my desk, I kindly reply “Would you mind sending me a link to the specific record you are viewing? Just copy and paste the url/webpage from your browser window. That way, I can make sure I’m viewing the exact same record that you are, since some have the same name.”

I’ve gotten a handful of my users trained to include the url in their initial email. But, the majority don’t. And I’m sure some of them aren’t quite sure how to copy/paste the url in the first place.

I needed an easy button.

The Idea

I’ve tweeted rants on this topic a few times. In the recent past, @SFDC_SteveMo sent me a link to a button he created that executed some JavaScript to compose a new email that automatically contained a link to the record.

It was a great idea, but unfortunately since it uses the standard mailto links, it opens the email in Outlook.


We use Google Apps for the Enterprise and I wanted the button to compose a new message to a specific email address (that we use for requests like this) in Gmail and fill in the Record Id. I also wanted to populate the subject line.

I don’t really know much about JavaScript, but after a bit of research, I found an example that I could hack. I tweaked it a bit and tested… and tweaked and tested… and sighed … and tweaked and tested…

To get my parameters right, I referred to this example. (eg: I discovered that “&SUBJECT” wasn’t passing correctly. The example showed me that I had to use “&su”.)

Finally, I had a working button.


Here’s what happens when I click on it:


Passing the Parameters

In order to pass the recipient address, subject line and default body text, I had to do the following:

Recipient address: ‘&’
Subject Line: ‘&su=My Subject Line’
Body Text: ‘&body=My text.’

To include the link the Salesforce record, I added (location.href), which was noted in @SFDC_SteveMo’s example.

Here’s the code in full:

javascript:popw='';Q='';x=document;y=window;if(x.selection) {Q=x.selection.createRange().text;} else if (y.getSelection) {Q=y.getSelection();} else if (x.getSelection) {Q=x.getSelection();}popw ='' + escape(document.title) + '&su=Question re: Opportunity' + '&' + '&body= I have a question about this Opportunity: ' + escape(location.href) + escape('\n') + escape('\n')  + 'My question is: ' ,'gmailForm','scrollbars=yes,width=680,height=510,top=175,left=75,status=no,resizable=yes');if (!document.all) T = setTimeout('popw.focus()',50);void(0);

I currently have the button as a Detail Page Link. I may change it to a Detail Page Button in the future.


Can you think of another way to use JavaScript with a custom button? Do share! (leave a comment below).


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  1. Great idea, Jenna! Now if only there was a workaround like this for Outlook users :(

  2. Hey Tyeson: The original idea from @SFDC_SteveMo *does* work for Outlook users. That's why I had to tweak it!

  3. Lol. I just skimmed your post quickly, looked at the images. Heck, I'm as bad as an end-user reading email instructions from their admin! I will try SteveMo's solution. Thanks!

  4. how is "email address"?subject

    different to

    "email address"&su ????

    in a mail-to link &su is producing warning message when opening for gmail but not for thunderbird or outlook

  5. @ Anonymous: I'm not sure why they are different, but that's just the way it is. It took some experimenting and looking at this example to realize that &SUBJECT didn't work... but &su did. I tested this method in gmail only.... perhaps if you shared what your warning message is, I'd be able to help.

  6. Thank you so much! Your post helped me.


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