Friday, May 13, 2011

I’m (Going to Be) a Mac

After months of deliberation, I did it. I bought a Mac.


I’ve ‘been a PC’ all my life. I’m nervous – nervous that I won’t adapt to the UI, that I’ll feel lost. But, I have heard such wonderful things about Macs from friends (computer savvy friends especially), so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to adjust quickly.

My iMac (21.5'-inch, 2.7GHz) should arrive in a few days.

I decided to purchase an iMac because I want to slowly limit my unnecessary computer-time. I currently have both a work laptop and a personal laptop and I often end up cradling my personal laptop in bed before I nod off to sleep. I figured that if I had a desktop computer, it would force me to go to bed… and sleep, not browse/play/work until the wee hours of the morning.

Eventually, I’ll get an iPad so that I can have the option of emailing/browsing on the go (or while I’m snuggled under the covers, on occasion).

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  1. I had a Mac at home and a Windows machine at work for years. I didn't get the full benefit of the Mac until I was able to go Mac at work, too. When your tools are only available half of the time, it's hard to fully dive into them and rely on them. But, having a Mac at home will give you plenty of arguments for the work guys on why you need a work Mac :)


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