Thursday, May 5, 2011

Admin Journal: A Quick @Salesforce Fix = Ego Points


As I’ve mentioned before, I love using Google Chat to communicate quickly with my users. Sometimes a phone call or desk visit is necessary to address a more complex question, but for the most part, I stick to chat if their status indicates they are available.

It’s one of the great things about using Google Apps for the Enterprise.

Today, a user emailed me with a question about the hierarchy for several accounts that were not related currently in the system but needed to be. He wasn’t sure how to reflect the hierarchy of their corporate structure in Salesforce.

I fleshed out the hierarchy for him, doing a little quick copy/pasting with the Salesforce Connector in Excel (my favorite for small batches of changes) and then sent him a link to verify via chat.

Here was his response.


It’s experiences like this that make me enjoy my job. First of all, to be able to leverage the Salesforce platform + integrations to provide such quick support, and secondly, to work with people that express their gratitude… and that use proper grammar (you’re).


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