Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rather Geeky Gets (Sorta) Fit: Starting Over

Back in February, I was on a mission to slim down and shape up.

I stuck faithfully to the Couch25k program for five weeks, until I started getting shin splints. At that point, I became a bit disheartened.

Weeks have gone by and I haven’t done much to get back on track. I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of starting over, and so I’ve been a bit stuck.

But, I’m trying to make better choices. This last week, I cooked almost every night for my stepdad and I – fennel pork chops with wild rice, pork tenderloin, potatoes and yams, chicken tacos with homemade pico de gallo.

I ran up and down some stairs in my neighborhood and did a bit of jogging this week.


The iPhone’s multi-tasking functionality is useful – allowing me to track my distance and listen to music (and occasionally browse Facebook on walking breaks) at the same time.

I’m no where near where I want to be… but I’m on the right track.

Apps That I’m Using:

A number of readers have recommended other activity-tracking apps. I’m sticking with RunKeeper for the time being, but I’m always open to suggestions.


  1. I saw on twitter that you're also following @LeslieWalks. Do you have any of her DVDs? I have found them very motivational and great to use on those days that I just can't bring myself to get outside in the rain.....Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to discuss which are my favorites and why....

  2. Hi KikiRiki. I don't have any of @LeslieWalks DVDs... I think I started following her because she was mentioned in an article. But, I'd love to hear about which DVD you like. Perhaps I could make a purchase. :)

  3. Right now my favorite is Punch Up Your Walk. 4 miles with weighted gloves. Very fast pace, great cross training moves, lots of upper body as well.

    My second favorite (for when I don't have as much time) is Walk and Jog. 30 minutes, almost 3 miles, super fast pace:

    3rd favorite is the 5 mile challenge with the deluxe kit. 2 super fast miles and 3 "boosted" (hand weights/stretchie band/walk belt) miles:

    Her commentary can get a bit cheesy and is a bit on the religious side, but not overwhelmingly so. I actually find myself talking back to her....I'm a dork :)

    Hope that helps!

  4. I like how pork plays a prominent part in your "better choices".

  5. @Mrstarzan: ha. Yes, I know it's not the leanest meat... But, I figure homecooked is a lot better than eating out. :)

  6. Ah, shinsplints. Ouch. Ice packs are the way to go - and running a little less and a little more slowly. A bit of run through the pain might also be needed.

    When I first started running I went to the running shop and tried on shoes "blind." I ended up with the ugliest but most comfortable shoes ever and really have not had foot trouble; I am convinced it is down to having the right shoes.

    I asked people to sponsor me in non-food related way. The first week a friend gave me a very cool pair of running socks; then I treated myself to a lux pedicure; my Mum sent me $25 in the post(!); after 5 weeks I bought an iPod nano (can't remember the other ones). These small incentives were just what I needed to keep going. And then my best friend registered me for the Auckland Half Marathon - from that point I ran out of fear.

    Good luck, keep going and see you at the Plod in the Fog in August.

  7. Hi Jenna

    I usually refrain from giving advice but here is my 2 cents anyway. I started with the Couch25k in February for 3 weeks, when I had issues with plantar fascia and shin splits. I tried finding a solution to it. New shoes, massages. Then when I met with a trainer he told me that the pain was partly because of the weak hips (The result of sitting for long hours writing code). The key is to strengthen (resistance and weight training) the core and the hips before taking up running. Get fit to run, don't run to get fit.


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