Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why I May Have Ignored Your LinkedIn Request to Connect

I received two LinkedIn invitations this morning from people representing Salesforce consulting companies. I accepted one request to connect and not the other.


Here's why.


  1. Had a blog that interested me (which was under Websites in the LinkedIn profile).
  2. Had an individual twitter account.
  3. Mentioned in his LinkedIn profile: " an Open Networker and enjoys connecting people who can mutually benefit from knowing each other." For some reason, I really liked how that was phrased. It made me feel like he was less likely to spam me.
  4. The request came through as: "______ has indicated you are a fellow group member of Administrators."

Not Accepted

  1. Linked only to company website, which I noticed offered the same services as a consultant we are already happy with.
  2. Had a corporate twitter account mentioned in LinkedIn.
  3. The request came through as "_____ has indicated you are a Friend." But, I didn't know this person.

I did however begin following both individuals on twitter.

My processing of these two requests happened without much thought after a brief review of their LinkedIn profiles. When I stopped for a moment to think about why I accepted one and not the other, it made me realize that I had definite criteria for connection requests that I accept vs. ignore.

  1. Is the person professional yet personable?
  2. Have they correctly established the reason they want to connect? (eg: members of the same group vs. ‘a friend’)
  3. Do they include a website with a way for me to easily receive updates? (I’m all about twitter or Facebook pages these days for updates. I rarely use RSS.)
  4. I’m sure there are more things that run through my mind, but these were the reasons I could easily pinpoint.

Food for thought for those of you who diligently manage your LinkedIn profiles, which I have been a bit remiss in doing.

You may have your own criteria to help you determine who to accept. Please share it with me by leaving a comment.


  1. I received a Linked In request from a recruiter who was upfront that she was looking for a candidate. I accepted her request and got her in touch with a friend who was looking for a job. I was not interested in the position she was looking to fill. He's on his face-to-face interview with them today. I'd say it worked out well, but I would have never accepted her invitation to connect had she not customized the comments on her invitation. I think that goes a long way in making connections. Just a thought.

  2. @desidou Good point! I definitely support customizing the comment, especially in a case like that. I'm glad it worked out well.

  3. Nice post Jenna. I agree with your points. If someone is straight forward and genuine, I'll almost always accept.

    I also have no problem un-following or disconnecting if my first impression turns out to be incorrect.


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