Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why I <3 My Rickshaw Laptop Commuter Bag So Stinkin’ Much

I received a Rickshaw bag at Dreamforce 2010 for being actively involved in the Salesforce community.

And it’s awesome.

Like seriously awesome.

Like I-already-threw-out-my-other-laptop-bags awesome.

Here’s Why

  1. It holds everything.
  2. It’s super sturdy.
  3. Forget a noisy velcro closure. I want magnets.
  4. The pockets!
  5. It’s comfy.



Above: Look at those straps. In addition to the magnets, I’m pretty sure I could book it down the street if I was late and nothing would tumble out.


Above: I’m not sure what that little dealy is on the left. There’s one on either side of the back. Hmm. Suggestions?


Above: Hey look, there’s my stuff! I crammed a lot more in here at the beginning of my work day. (And today, I didn’t bring my purse. I carried my laptop and all my necessities in here. That’s a pretty big deal, because I’m a girl. Yeah.)


Above: Love the magnets! They don’t make that annoying scrapfchfcrzzzip noise when I’m pulling out my laptop at the library.


Above: Pockets! And they are lined with rather soft material. I’m not sure if that matters to anyone else, but I like it.

IMG_1755 rickshawbag_4

Above, right: Someone told me (was it @GeraldineGray?) that you can use this to adjust your bag while you are wearing it (without twisting around awkwardly). I haven’t really tested it out yet.

IMG_1773 rickshawbag_3

And after that you not only know that Rickshaw bags are awesome, you also know that I’m a geek who carefully balances her iPhone camera and photographs herself with cool products after other people leave the office. Yep, that’s me. I’m @RatherGeeky after all.

Additional Resources

Jenna Baze is a rather geeky girl with average social skills and an affinity for: all things Google, Remember the Milk,, Inbox Zero, Etsy, natural light photography and finding creative ways to avoid doing dishes (which includes updating a handful of blogs).
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  1. Ooo! Thank you so much for all the pictures! I love love love bags like other girls love purses and shoes.

    I saw a Rickshaw bag the other day and was impressed but didn't get to take a good look at it. I think it was the regular messenger bag from the pictures on the site.

    Decisions decisions decisions... oh no! They have a mini commuter bag now for netbooks/ipads!!! Love it but thinking the regular size will be more practical.

    Question- does your camera gear fit in it well? Or is it better suited for flatter items?

  2. @Elizabeth: Funny you should ask about camera gear... :) I let a friend use the bag when we did our '100 Strangers' project. You can see her carrying it here:

    I was able to fit 2 (yeah, 2) DSLRS + 1 zoom lens and a medium length lens. Yeah. Seriously. I also managed to fit all of my batteries, chargers and other related camera gear in there at the same time... and it wasn't crazy bulky.

    With my laptop, I was also able to fit my large cosmetics bag (not shown in the pic) and power cord and a bunch of other smaller items. It's plenty wide (> 4").

    Totally recommend the commuter bag! I haven't had my hands on any of the other bags (yet).

  3. Ah! the little tab thingy-- it's for the cross-strap you can get to help with stabilty when running around

  4. Jenna, you make me smile. I completely agree with you about the usefulness of the Rickshaw bag! (Maybe not for all the "girly" reasons, but anyway) I take my Rickshaw bag proudly wherever I go and it fits my MacBook Pro 15 perfectly. The magnets are brilliant. The spaces are well thought out, though I too am stumped by the little loops on the lower part of the back side of it. I suppose if you carry carabiners or something, you could attach them there. Their sleeves for iPad look super awesome and I have plans to get me one of those once I actually get an iPad. I'm also seing a pattern here. Do you like photos of your feet? With your reminder, I went out and looked at your 100 strangers project. I'd forgotten to go look after that weekend, but I'm glad to have gotten a reminder to go check it out.

  5. Elizabeth: Oh! Thanks for filling me in. I was confused.

    Did anyone else notice that inside the magnetic strip panels, the tab says "shhhhh"? How adorable is that!

    Jeff: I'm glad I make you smile! :) And I'm glad that you are enjoying your bag just as much as a guy can (ha ha). Yep, I like photos of my feet. There's a reason... someday I'll tell you. (It's not weird, I promise.)

  6. I'll second Jeff's comments. You posts always make my day. I don't remember if I was the one to tell you about the adjuster thing or not, but they come on Timbuk2 bags as well & I love how easily you can adjust the strap length.

    And yup, I also saw the "Shhh" and took great joy in it. It's the little things, right?

  7. Awwww.... thanks Rebecca. Very cool about the strap - I think that might have been you that told me.

    Yep, the little things. ahhhhhh. :)

  8. I also love my bag. The magnets are definitely my favorite part.

  9. I have this bag and totally love it too! I use one of the mesh side pockets for storing my little umbrella. Perfectly handy all the time! Since I am the account manager for CORDURA(R) brand fabric and it is made of CORDURA(R) fabric I can look good and show off my fabric at the same time! Double bonus!

  10. Rhonda: Great!
    Tina: Good idea. Perfect pocket for a small umbrella! Neat re: the fabric!

  11. I have the commuter 2.0. Great bag, great review. Thanks

  12. I've been meaning to tell you! Did you see what is on the opposite side of the SHHHHHHHHHHHH tab? I'm not going to tell you, just go look!

  13. Fantastic! The bag is very cute... Beautiful!

    laptop bags canada

  14. I have a Zero messenger (medium) and it's been the only bag I've used for months. As in, I clean it out and take it with me on the airplane and I gave away my Mobile Edge "professional bag" because no other bag holds my love like my Rickshaw. It's just so well made, and I really, really love that I just had to ask about waterproofing, and they offered to do a waterproof linter. In the end, they did a custom bag with a waterproof liner.

    I just wish it had the "Shhh" magnet on the zero, not that I've ever had a problem with the bag popping open despite bike commuting.

  15. It will stand forces that may simply rip apart lesser materials. This alone is reason enough why you must get a canvas camera bag. After all, you are protective one thing terribly costly. The very last thing you'd need is your camera bag cacophony accidentally and your camera flaming on the bottom.


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