Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Spring ‘11 Salesforce Features I’m Most Excited About

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There are some neat features coming with the Spring ‘11 Salesforce.com release. Here are the ones at the top of my list:

  1. Official Google Chrome support
    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since… I started using Salesforce.com. Yay!
    (link to idea)
  2. In-line editing on Visualforce pages
    This is a great way to improve the consistency of the UI.
  3. (link to idea)
  4. Report Builder – type to search filter fields
    This is one thing that I missed about the old report builder. It really speeds up filter creation when you can start typing to find a field. No more unnecessary scrolling!
    (link to idea)
  5. Notification icon for Chatter
    This means you no longer have to check your Chatter Profile each time someone responds to you.
    (link to idea)
  6. Dashboard alerts in Chatter
    Though we aren’t using Chatter much yet, this feature is a great idea, especially for monitoring gauges. (ie: ‘We just reached our national sales goal’)
    (page 53 in release notes)
  7. Profile photos on dashboards
    While this might not serve a practical purpose, I think it really draws attention to the dashboard.
    (page 54 in release notes)

I look forward to testing them soon in my developer sandbox.

Above image from Salesforce IdeaExchange post.

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