Monday, November 8, 2010

Salesforce Tutorial: How to Update Contact Addresses Related to an Account

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use the Mass Update Contact Address app from X-Squared On Demand to copy the Account Billing Address to any related Contact Mailing Address fields.

If you are an Administrator, you must install the app (see link above) before you can share the following instructions with your users. If you are a user, you can share this tutorial with your admin as a suggestion for system improvement.


A custom feature allows applying account addresses to any contacts for that account that you specify. This can be helpful when updating data. For example, a company may move to a different location and the address for all (or perhaps just a few) related contacts needs to be changed as well.

Note: This is currently only available for modifying the Account Billing Address fields, which passes data to the Contact Mailing Address fields.

1. Ensure Account address has been updated correctly.

Make sure that the Account Billing Address data is correct. Otherwise, you will be passing corrupt data to related Contacts.

2. Navigate to the update screen.


Click on the "Update Contact Addresses" link, found under the "Custom Links" subheading on the Account record.

3. Check off all Contacts that you want to update.


Click in the checkbox to select all Contacts that you want to apply the updated Account address to.

4. Confirm the updates.


Click on the "Update" button and confirm that you want to make the changes when prompted. You can also cancel at this point too.

5. Review your data.

You have now applied Account Billing Address information to the related Contacts that you specified.

It is always a good idea to review your data after updating to ensure that the procedure was performed correctly.

Additional Information

This tutorial was created with ScreenSteps (version 2.8.7) and uploaded directly to my blog (as a draft, which I then downloaded and tweaked). You can download the PDF version here. If you create documentation, I highly recommend checking out ScreenSteps. It has revolutionized the way I provide support to the company I work for. You can read more about my experience here.

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  1. Thanks for featuring my app! We're about to release a new version that will allow copying either standard Account address to either standard Contact address... stay tuned!

  2. David: That sounds great! Thanks for the update.

  3. I love the X-Squared app and was using it for quite awhile. Then another Salesforce partner, Kugamon, posted an app that fulfilled my needs even better as much of the synchronization is done without any user intervention.

    For some use cases, that might not be what you want. But, for me it was perfect so I have switched.

    Here's link to Kugamon's appexchange listing if you want to find out more about it:

  4. Rhonda: Interesting. I'll check out Kugamon's offering. I would probably not want something that was automatic. I have a core group of users that maintain data quality. I provided this tool to help them.

    But, I'm always interested in investigating new apps! Thanks for sharing.


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