Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blogger Basics: Modifying the Post Footer

This tutorial is for those that are using Blogger to manage a blog. If you do not already have a Blogger account, you can easily create one and get started with blogging here.

I plan to share additional information on the basics of blogging, as well as tips for customizations (a little html never hurt anybody, right?) and information about the software that I use to keep my blogs up and running. Subscribe (see the right sidebar to sign up via email) if you’d like to be informed of upcoming articles! You can also follow me on Facebook for weekly tips on all sorts of geeky stuff.


This lesson demonstrates how to modify the footer of each post on your Blogger blog.

1. Login to Blogger


Go to and log in using your username and password.


2. Click on the 'Design' link under the name of the blog you want to modify.



3. Click on 'Edit' within the Blog Posts section of the layout.



4. Configure your settings by enabling/disabling options and changing any formatting as you like.



5. You can also arrange the location of items in the blog post under 'Arrange Items'.


Just drag and drop to move them around.


6. Click on the "Save" button.



7. Click on "Save" again within the Add and Arange Page Elements Screen



8. Click on the "View Blog" link to ensure that your blog posts appear as you want them to.


Return to the edit page to make changes if necessary.

This is an example of the custom voting buttons I added to the bottom of my posts on my photography blog:


Additional Resources

  • I created this tutorial with ScreenSteps. It’s a handy tool if you find yourself creating step-by-step instructions or documentation.

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  1. How do you create the small profile you have under this post? I know you have to have some sort of HTML code, but I can't find any instruction on it. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated, Jenna! =)

  2. Hi Lindsay, I used a plugin for Windows Live Writer to draft the footer and save it as a template. Then, when creating new posts, I insert the template. I think it was this one:

    You have to draft the template in html. So, what I did is created and formatted the text in an unsaved blog post, switched to "Source" mode, located the code, copied it and then pasted it into the template plugin.

    The plugin looks something like this when you're drafting your post:


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