Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google, Can You Hear Me?: Ideas to Improve User Management for Google Apps for the Enterprise

Two ideas popped into my head in response to recent requests for domain administration at my company.

If you are a Google Apps for the Enterprise developer and would like to steal my ideas, I give you full permission. You can take all the credit… just make sure to give my domain free licenses.

Idea #1: Branded Email Signatures for Domain

Now that Gmail supports html email signatures, it would be great if domain administrators could create and update branded html email signature templates for all users.


This would prevent having to tell all users “Please update your email signature and don’t forget to make the phone number look like *** and use a state abbreviation like ** and …” and prevent branding inconsistencies.

If admins could leverage user information (including custom fields) managed by tools such as Directory Manager by SherpaTools, they could include fields such as Title, Phone, Address, etc. based on individual user information.

It would make email signatures easy to update (such as when the Company Name changes or formatting needs to be modified) and hassle-free for end users.

Idea #2: Profile Directory for Domain Users

We have gotten several requests for a profile-directory of sorts that shows a photo, brief bio and contact information for all employees. Currently, there isn’t an easy way to manage this and Google Groups profiles can be confusing for users to update (one example of this is that the picture they use in Google Groups can be different that the profile picture they specify in the Gmail Settings).

It could look something like this (although it would be great to allow filters by specific criteria in custom fields such as: “Reporting Office Location” or “City”) rather than one giant list:


This is a screen capture from a google site that I created to store contact information for a specific project. I manually transferred info from each user’s profile in Google Groups (which isn’t too labor intensive for a small subset, but would be wonderful to automate).

Do you have other ideas for domain management improvement with Google Apps? I’d love to hear about them. Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Awesome ideas. OK, I may be a Google Apps user for my domain with just one "true" employee, but I completely agree with the concepts. (OK, truth be told, I really have 24 users on my domain, but they all belong to me) I only wish I had the expertise to program these. It will be great to see when these become a reality.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jeff. I feel the same way - I wish I knew how to program these ideas! That's why I suggested that a developer steal them. :)

  3. Sorting out data and mass update is a function that's left out by the developer.

    1. Yes, correct. Thanks Captain Obvious. ;)

  4. hey, the issues you mention in your article are quite new to someone who is not a google apps user. have you developed your own ITunes apps yet?

    1. Uh, yeah, I guess so.... not sure why that's a problem. And no, I haven't developed my own iTunes apps. I'm not sure where you got the idea that I would. Have a good day.


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