Thursday, May 6, 2010

Create a Bookmarklet to Remind Yourself of Yesterday's Pending Emails in Your Inbox

This lesson describes how you can create a 'bookmarklet' (a bookmark or favorite) to jump directly to a view of all your pending messages from yesterday. (To show the messages that were pending yesterday, it filters based on anything in the inbox before yesterday's date.)

This tip came from Joe via Lifehacker. I just provided some documentation to explain it to you.

Copy the Code to Use

Don't worry. You don't have to know anything about javascript in order for this to work.

Copy the text below in it's entirety:

Important: This tip works for personal gmail, not Google Apps mail. I’m sure it could be modified to work (but just changing to your own domain doesn’t work) but I don’t know how (I’m not that geeky).

Create a New Bookmark or Favorite


Depending on what browser you are using, find the location where you typically create favorites or bookmarks.

Create a new bookmark.

Give It a Name


Name it something like "Gmail Pending Script", "GmailRemaining" (or whatever makes sense to you)

Paste the Script


Paste the script that you copied from above into the Location or url field of the bookmark.

Save the New Bookmark or Favorite


Hit Save or OK and you are done. You can now move the bookmarklet to a different folder within your favorites, or to the toolbar if your browser supports that and you want easy access to the functionality.

Test Your Bookmarklet


Click on the bookmark or favorite to test it out.


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