Thursday, February 11, 2010

Response to 5 Questions from Tungle


  1. What made you decide to start Tungling?
    I had tried many different scheduling tools and was annoyed with the fact that they didn’t work how I wanted them to and often required extra work (paste a link in an email, save a code, check back on the website later…). I also fell in love with the page that allows people to actually see when I am available. This means less email/phone conversations about ‘Hey, when can we meet?’

  2. What’s one thing we do better than any other productivity app out there?
    My favorite feature is the page. I haven’t seen any other app that puts the suggestion power in the hands of meeting attendees so well. Since I am careful to keep my google calendar up to date, Tungle saves me time and brain-usage that I can then devote to my real job (which is not scheduling meetings).

    Also, support is great. I spent some time with the Tungle support team (via Twitter and email) who answered my question quickly… and remained patient, even though it turned out to be user error. Whoops.

  3. What’s one thing we could do to create a better experience for you?
    Right now, I would love to see an app that can be integrated into a website… oh wait, you just did that. Sweet! :)

  4. Do you refer to others?  If yes, why?
    Yes! It’s very simple to setup and easy to use. I now include my link in my email signature. The first time someone scheduled a meeting with me, I was surprised. I asked them ‘hey, how’d you do that?’ and they replied, ‘I used your link to that Tungle thing.’ Cool!

  5. What would you Google to find an app like
    Meeting scheduling, meeting scheduler
    (Side note: I came across Tungle via Lifehacker)

This post is in response to this request from Tungle.

Tungle is one tool that made me geekier in 2009. Check out the rest here.

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