Thursday, January 21, 2010

Use “Search Options” to Filter Your ‘Remember the Milk’ Task List


I was getting highly irked today because I wanted to filter the Remember the Milk (RTM) web interface to show my tasks were due today. Normally, I just use the gmail gadget, but I wanted to edit several tasks at once, which I can’t do with the gadget.

After some grumbling, I discovered the search options that I could use to filter by any number of fields. I don’t know how I never noticed this before. It’s awesome!

In the top right hand corner of the RTM website, click on the “Show Search Options” link. (Note: You can also manually type your own search criteria if you know the lingo using the quick search box.)


Then, configure your criteria (click on the screen capture below to see a larger image).


For example, I typed in ‘Due date within ‘1 day’ of ‘today’” to show all tasks that were due today. To show those due today and tomorrow, I could type ‘2 days’ instead.

I could also filter by priority and date, as well as many other practical combinations.

Happy RTMing.

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