Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drag and Drop Attachments with a Firefox Add-on

The ability to drag and drop attachments onto an email message is a feature that is often missed by people switching to Gmail.

But, there’s hope! A Firefox add-on easily expands the functionality of Gmail to include a drag and drop feature.

To enable this, you must be using Firefox (an alternative browser that is just as safe as Internet Explorer).

Click here to jump to the add-on page.

Install the add-on. (You will be prompted to restart Firefox.)

Now, when composing a new email, simply drag and drop one or multiple files into the grayish area above the body of your email (such as right above the subject line).

Click on the image below to see a larger picture.

Click to see full size image.

Now, your attachment(s) will appear as being attached to the email.

Much handier than clicking the “Browse” button if you are often attaching files from a window that you already have open.

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