Friday, December 11, 2009

Declaring Partial Email Bankruptcy

I have over a hundred labels in GMail, so my left sidebar was really useless. Therefore, I enabled the hide read labels Labs feature:

I love this because now I only saw those labels that have unread emails. Pretty handy if you have your filters properly setup (more about that on a later post). However, as I did this I discovered I had a few labels with hundreds of unread emails (mostly due to my migration from Outlook to GMail). How could I automatically mark as read all those emails without browsing painfully page by page selecting All and then mark as read? After doing this for 30 minutes like a drone, I decided to do the obvious and search on Google: "gmail mark all messages as read". And I found this great article in lifehacker. Which led me to a great discovery: You can use advanced filter terms on the filter window, which I could use to isolate all unread messages within a specific label and assign them to a new filter:

Following the directions in the lifehacker article I was able to mark as read all my old email archive and now I have a clean and efficient inbox (more on that to come).

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