Thursday, December 10, 2009

Are You Missing Out on Gmail Search Options?

At times, I wish I had an easy way to search for email based on specific criteria without having to remember how I’m supposed to type my criteria in the search box.

Examples: all mail that I have received in the last week. Or from a specific person AND with attachments.

Until a few minutes ago, I had totally forgotten about the “Show Search Options” link that lets you toggle a simple but powerful search tool in gmail.

Open the Search Options by clicking on the ‘Show Search Options’ link to the right of the gmail search box.


It looks like this:


You can type your search criteria here:


In this example, I want to see all emails from “antonio” that were sent to me in the last week. Note that I do not have to specify the actual email address, although I could if I wanted to. I have just typed the first name of my contact. If I have several contacts named Antonio, it will show emails from all of them at once. Note also that I didn’t have to type the specific date. I used the keyword “today.”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using the Search Options tool.

Additional Resources

Note: If you can’t see the screen captures well enough, click on any one of them to open up a larger version.

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