Monday, December 14, 2009

All About Firefox Add-ons (and Why They Are Awesome)

Not sure what an add-on is? Basically, add-ons are tools or features that you can ‘add-on’ to Firefox (which is an safe, alternative browser to Internet Explorer) to extend the program’s functionality.

They are free, easy to disable if you decide you don’t like them and some can be pretty darn handy.

There are a number of existing posts (and there will be future ones too) about Firefox add-ons, so feel free to get familiar with them.

Here is how they are described by the FIrefox Add-on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page:

What is an Add-on?
Add-ons let you add features which aren't part of the standard application. Themes change appearance without changing functionality. Search Plugins and Dictionaries/Language Packs add additional search engines and language support. Extensions add more extensive features to the browser; some add simple toolbars while others can add a wide range of new features.

Are add-ons easy to install?
Yes! Add-ons are very easy to install. They're generally much smaller than a normal application and download very quickly. If you don't like one, they are just as easy to remove or disable. Also, if an update is available for one of your add-ons, Firefox will inform you and let you upgrade with one click.
How do I manage an add-on?
In Firefox, go to "Add-ons" in the Tools menu to manage Themes and Extensions. If your Extension has special options, you can see them in the Extensions section of the Add-ons window. From here, you can also disable and uninstall add-ons. Dictionaries are installed as Extensions. Search Plugins can be managed in the Search Bar.

Add-On Examples

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