Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Firefox Add-On: Snap Links

If you often open multiple links (for example, when performing a Google search and viewing multiple results), you can open several links at the same time in separate tabs using a Firefox Add-on called Snap Links.

What it does:

Allows you to drag your cursor to ‘draw a box’ around links (using your right mouse button, for example) and open them all in new tabs.


It also features configurable settings that you modify by going to Firefox > Tools > Add-ons > Snap Links > Options.

Pretty handy if you often open multiple links from a search window, such as Google. In my case, I often search the community and this allows me to view multiple posts related to my search criteria at once, rather than clicking on each of them one at a time.

Note: At this time, Snap Links is an ‘FF3 Unsupported’ Add-on (which means that it is essentially in beta for the newest version of FF). But, I installed it and it seems to work just fine.

Click here to view and install the add-on.

Not using Firefox yet? Read more about it here.

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